1. The name of Society is " YESHWANT CLUB ".

2. The Registered office of the Society is situated at Race Course Road, Indore - 452 003, in the State of Madhya Pradesh and its registration No. is 533/ Date 26.3.1964.

3. Jurisdiction at Indore.

4. The objects for which the Society is established are -

  1. To provide for the members a meeting place for recreation ,entertainment ,pastime & social contact.
  2. To create and encourage among the members and the public of Indore a liking for and interest in games and sports of all kinds both indoor & outdoor and both Indian and Western and particularly Cricket, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Billiards and also games of intelligence skill and art.
  3. To carry on any literary, cultural or any other activity which would provide the members with recreation, entertainment or advancement of knowledge .
  4. To arrange tournaments, matches, competitions, championships in games and sports and to encourage players by giving them medals, awards, trophies etc.
  5. To establish libraries and publish journals and other literature and arrange lectures and debates for the advancement of the above mentioned objects.
  6. To arrange supervise and regulate visits of teams to Indore from outside and vice - versa for playing the games mentioned above and to promote and assist in promoting and become members of Societies whose objects are similar to the object of this Society .
  7. To create and encourage a spirit of Social Service and comradeship amongst members.
  8. To collect funds for fulfilling and furthering the objects of the Society by accepting subscription, donation, grants, gifts, devises bequests and money in trust form individuals, firms and bodies corporate.
  9. To invest moneys and funds of the Society in such authorised securities as may be determined and to purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property for the Society .
  10. To sell, mortgage, lease, exchange, dispose of or otherwise deal with all any part of the property or funds of the Society as may be thought proper from time to time.
  11. To borrow or raise or secure the payment of moneys in such manner and on such terms and conditions as may be deemed expedient and in particular by executing bonds ,bills of exchange, promissory notes, hundies or by mortgage, hypothecation, charge or pledge of the properties of the Society or by issuing debentures and to purchase ,redeem and pay off any such securities .
  12. To do all any of the above things by or through agents, branches or otherwise and either alone or in conjunction with others and propose and assist in the formation of similar bodies or do any other act, deed or thing which may seem directly or indirectly to benefit the Society or to assist in the promotion or advancement of the objects of the Society and to do all such others acts and things are conductive to the attainment of the object of the Society or any of them .
  13. To acquire and task over the working and management of the affairs of the Yeshwant Club, Indore (unregistered) together with all its assets and liabilities.
  14. To pay all cost, charges and expenses of and incidental to getting the Society registered under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act.1973.




(a) Her Highness Maharani Usha Devi of Indore shall be the Patron of the Club.

(b) The Chief Minister of the state of Madhya Pradesh, subject to his acceptance, shall be the President of the Club.


(a) Ordinary Members (Including male as well as female members.)

(b) Family Members

(c) Life Members

(d) Special Life Members

(e) Honorary Members

(f) Visiting Members

(g) Company Members

(h) Honourable Senior Members

(i) Spouse Membership,

(j) Spouse of Deceased Members

(k) Non Resident Indian / Foreign Nationals

2(a) Ordinary Members

Ladies and Gentlemen of approved status, in accordance with the rule, shall be eligible to become Ordinary Members .

2(b) Family Members

  • Spouse, Minor Sons up to the age of 18 and unmarried daughtersup to the age of 25 yearsof all categories of members, shall on application by the member concerned, be eligible to be enrolled as family members. Family members shall be entitled to such facilities as may be provided for them from time to time. No separate entrance fee or monthly subscription will be charged to family members except Gymkhana, entertainment and other fees, if any, shall be payable by the member on their behalf, in accordance with the Club rules or as may be determined by the Managing Committee.”
  • Dependent Family : - Deleted
  • Family members shall have no voting rights and shall not be entitled to notice under any of the rules, nor shall be reckoned for purposes of quorum for meetings .
  • On suspension, expulsion, resignation or termination if any member ceases to be a member, family members shall ipso facto cease to be entitled to the facilities and all benefits extended to them. The right to enrol children in members children category shall also cease

2 (c ) Life Members

  • Any Ordinary Member with a standing of more than 10 years, may at any time, with the previous sanction of the Managing Committee, pay an additional sum equal to the Ordinary member's Entrance fees existing at the time of conversion and thereafter be registered as life member.”
  • The Life members and Special life members shall have all the privileges as those of Ordinary members including the right of attending and voting at Meetings ,but will not be liable to pay monthly subscription. They will have to pay all other charges and Gymkhana fee payable and will be bound by the rules applicable.

2(d) Special Life Members

May be enrolled with the same rules and procedure applicable for enrolment of ordinary members on payment of Rs.6,00,000/- in one lump-sum directly without being admitted as ordinary members. (Plus taxes as applicable)

2(e) Honorary Members

The Managing Committee may invite any person to become an Hon. Member of the Club for such period as the Managing Committee may decide, provided that the total number of Hon. Members at any time shall not exceed 55 out of which 6 will be sports person. On acceptance of the invitation in writing .his name shall be put on the notice board and he shall then be deemed to have been enrolled. No entrance fees and monthly subscription shall be charged from him . but he shall be liable to pay Gymkhana and other fees according to rules. Provided that no person below the status of a Head of Department shall be invited to become an Hon. Member except under special circumstances with the approval of all the members of the Managing Committee. Provided further that any official who has been made an Hon. Member shall cease to be so on his transfer or retirement.

2(f) Visiting Members

Only Senior officers of Govt., Sr. Administrative or Technical or Executive Officers of any industry, Factory, Company, Statutory Body or Firm, who by virtue of the nature of their duties are temporarily stationed in Indore and are liable to transfer, shall be eligible for this class of Membership.

(i) For 3 months on non-refundable fees of Rs.5000/-, refundable deposit Rs.5000/-, extendable only for another 3 months on payment of additional Rs.5000/- non-refundable fee. (Plus taxes as applicable) during the financial year.

(ii) They shall have all the privileges of members except those of attending and voting at General meeting or proposing or seconding new candidates for membership and getting their family members enrolled. This class of members shall at no time be in excess of 75(Seventy Five only) and will not come under the limit prescribed for the Permanent Membership. Visiting Members shall not be liable to pay entrance fee but shall pay monthly subscription and all other fees according to rule.

2(g) Company Member

Any Corporate registered under Companies Act, 1956, having National / International reputation fulfilling following norms:-

i) Annual Turnover:-

a) in case of manufacturing Company, Service Company, Trading Company Rs.25.00 Crores for past three consecutive years and above;

ii) having paid up capital of Rs.5.00 Crores and above;

iii) having its establishment / Branch within 100 Kms. radius of Indore,

May be enrolled as a permanent Member by the Managing Committee upon Scrutiny for 15 yrs and after 15 yrs the membership may be renewed by paying 25% of entrance fee prevailing at that time.

The entrance fee for such membership shall be Rs.15.00 (Fifteen Lacs) for local companies having their head office within 100 Kms. Radius of Indore and Rs. 20.00 Lacs (Twenty Lacs) for other companies wherein the Company shall be entitled to nominate maximum two of its Directors / Senior Executives. Each person so nominated shall pay the monthly subscription as per rules. The Company shall submit a copy of form 32 on an annual basis or copy of annual general report including names of such proposed nomination as Directors / Sr.Executives along with the application confirming that the nominee is a Director / Sr.Executive of the Company. However, the Company will be liable to the Club for unpaid dues of the Nominees. The Company may by a notice in writing to the Managing Committee along with a duly completed application form and requisite documents, change its nominee/s which shall be effective only after the approval by the Managing Committee. The earlier nominee shall cease to enjoy the Club privileges/facilities available to a nominee Member of a Company upon such change.

In cases of amalgamation of company, as per order of the court, if receiver company is not a member then by paying 50% of the entrance fee prevailing at that time that Company can nominate maximum two of its Director / Sr. Executives. In case of demerger the original Company will cease its rights as member. In case of liquidation of the company its membership shall also cease.

There will be no limit to the number of Company Members enrolment.

2(h) Honourable Senior Members

The Club Members who have a membership standing of 25 years or more and have attained the age of 65 years shall be treated as Honourable Sr. Members .No subscription or Gymkhana fees will be charged to such Honourable Sr. Members. They will continue to enjoy all the rights of members including that of voting.

2(i) Spouse

One spouse of existing Permanent members except Company members may on application and on payment of Rs. 20,000/-, be enrolled directly as Ordinary Permanent Member by the Managing Committee. Thereupon he/she will pay all charges and subscription applicable to Ordinary members, as per rule, from time to time. In such cases any of the two members cannot withdraw membership before completing 5 years of membership. In case of withdrawal before the stipulated time, a sum equal to the subscription for the balance period would be recovered from the continuing members as club dues & in case of his/her not clearing the same, his/her membership would ipso facto stand terminated.

There will be no limit to the number of members to be enrolled under this category in a year and the same shall be over and above the quota fixed for Ordinary membership .Spouse members who have completed one year as a permanent member on or before 31st March of the Year preceding the election, shall be eligible to cast vote at the election .

The order of first, second, third and next members children for Ordinary Membership in the members children category will be common for either member or the spouse. No separate relaxation will be available to each of the spouse members.

2(j) Spouse / Children of Deceased Members

On death of a member (except company, visiting and honorary members), upon request, his/her spouse will have an option to take ordinary membership within one year without payment of entrance fee. However beyond a period of one year he / she can avail the membership on a payment of Rs.50, 000/-. Managing Committee will be fully empowered to make them as permanent members. However he/she will be able to utilise only the balance benefits of enrolling members in the member’s children category. In case the spouse of the deceased members does not avail of the above option, then his/her children, on eligibility, can become members in ordinary category as per rule 10(d) (i, ii & iii).

The membership awarded under this category will be over and above the yearly quota for Ordinary Membership from time to time.

The right to vote shall be given to only those spouse members who have been enrolled on or before 31st March of the year preceding the election .


(i) Non Resident Indian

Persons of NRI Status, who have stayed out of India for 182 days in a calendar year and is being NRI for last three consecutive years and bonafide resident of Indore / have settled in Indore may on completion of 21 years of age make an application for permanent membership of the Club on payment of Indian Rupees 10.00 lacs or equivalent US Dollars from his / her NRE account.

(ii) Foreign Nationals

Persons, bonafide residents of Indore and are Foreign Nationals and who are desirous of taking a membership of the Club may on completion of 21 years of age make an application for permanent membership of the Club on payment of US Dollars equivalent to Indian Rupees 10.00 lacs from their own Foreign Account.

Such applications shall be scrutinised and if approved, permanent membership shall be granted by the Managing Committee.

There shall be no limit to the number of NRI and Foreign National Members enrolment for Permanent membership. The right to vote shall be given to only those members who have been enrolled on or before 31st March of the year preceding the Election.

Monthly subscription shall be charged to them and they will be treated as Ordinary Members for all purposes.

2(l) Gymkhana Membership

Gymkhana membership may be given for a game played in the club by the Managing Committee to budding youngsters of that game upto the age of 21 years, who excels in that game, on nominal payment of Rs.1000/- as yearly fee. However, such membership would not exceed 7 at any point of time. The membership would be reviewed and renewed each year by the Managing Committee. No Gymkhana fee would be payable by such members and they shall have no voting or other rights.

(3 ) AGE

The age for Membership shall not be less than 18 years for Gentlemen & Ladies.


General Body at the Annual General Meeting, from year to year, will decide the number of new members to be enrolled category wise ( except Company, N.R.I./ Foreign Nationals, Spouse & Members children).

This would be effective from 1/4/2001.


Only the Ordinary Members, Special Life Members, Honourable Sr. Members, Company (One Nominee) and Life Members, Non Resident Indian and Foreign National members shall have the right to vote. Temporary, Honorary and Family Members shall not be entitled to receive notice of , or vote at General Meeting of the Club, or to be elected members or Office Bearers of the Managing Committee. Family members may, however, be appointed on sub-committees.


(i) Application for Membership

Application for Membership to the Club shall be made on the prescribed form to be obtained from the office of the Club on requisite payment fixed by the Managing Committee . The application along with requisite entrance fee and supporting papers evidencing age ,qualification etc.; duly proposed and seconded by members who have been members of the Club for not less than 10 years and have not been declared defaulter under rule no. 15 & 16 of the Club rules, must be deposited in the office of the Club.

ii) Registration of Application

a) The applications received will be considered by the Managing Committee on the day fixed for the purpose and each application will be scrutinised and those approved will be allotted serial no. by drawing lots by the Managing Committee which shall be recorded on the application form and as well as in the register maintained for the purpose . The register shall thereafter be signed by the Hon. Secretary .

b) Entrance Money : The Entrance money, payable along with each application, shall be non-refundable except when applicant's proposal is either disqualified by the Committee or the candidate faces an unfavourable ballot. Such amount shall be kept by the Club in a separate bank account, till the applicant's membership is confirmed and thereafter be utilised as per the prevailing procedure of the Club.

iii) Introduction of Member to the Managing Committee

The Applicant with his/her spouse will appear before the Managing Committee for introducing themselves on the day and date to be fixed by the Managing Committee. Such intimation will be made in writing to the applicant by the Hon.Secretary of the Club .

iv) Temporary Membership

Managing Committee will screen the new application forms twice, initially at the time of giving temporary membership and secondly at the time of forwarding the list to the Balloting Committee. The members of the Managing Committee, after the introduction of applicant, shall grant temporary membership to the qualifying candidates. The number of applicant to be granted temporary membership in each category shall not exceed one and half times of the yearly quota fixed. The temporary membership shall normally continue for not more than one year or till the time of Ballot, whichever is later.

v) Balloting Committee

a) The Balloting Committee will comprise of 50 members of the Club as detailed below who are not defaulter under Club rules on the date of formation of the committee:

Senior Members over 20 years standing 25
Members of 10-20 years standing 15
Past Chairman /Past Secretary 10

They would be selected by drawing of lots after obtaining personal consent .

b) A new Committee would be constituted for each Ballot . Names of the Balloting Members would be put on notice board 3 days before the Ballot. Managing Committee members will not be eligible to be members of the Balloting Committee.

vii) Procedure of Balloting

a) The Honorary Secretary will invite the candidates with spouse for self introduction to the members of the Balloting Committee .The members of the Managing Committee will also be present during this process . The date and time for this purpose will be fixed by the Honorary Secretary and will be conveyed to the candidates .

b) Ballot : The candidate will not be present in the Club premises on the day of balloting .

i) The ballot shall be conducted by means of the Ballot paper which shall be issued to the members of Balloting Committee on the date and time fixed for the Ballot .This will be issued by the election officers in the presence of the Honorary Secretary and/or any member of the Managing Committee delegated by the Managing Committee.

ii) The hours of the Ballot shall be club office hours and date there of shall be notified by the Honorary Secretary to the members of the Balloting Committee and shall also be displayed on the Club notice board three days before the Ballot .

iii) The Ballot for different categories shall be conducted separately on the same day under the supervision of the Managing Committee and Election officers. Maximum/minimum votes to be casted by a voter should be only as much as the members to be elected in each category.

iv) The member eligible to vote shall, after voting, deposit the Ballot paper in the sealed ballot boxes kept for the purpose .

v) The Ballot boxes shall be opened in the presence of the Managing Committee and Election officers. Counting shall be done by the Managing Committee and such other members nominated by the Honorary Secretary . No candidate and/or member shall be allowed inside the counting room. A list of candidates under ballot shall be made and number of votes obtained by them shall be made in descending order .

vi) Enrollment of Member

a) Every candidate obtaining two-third of the votes or more of the total votes casted shall be declared elected and enrolment will be restricted to the quota available for that year . The members of the Balloting Committee shall compulsorily cast their votes equal to the number of members to be elected in the category.

b) In case the number of candidates elected exceed the quota for that year, then the surplus will be, automatically enrolled in the next year against the years quota without balloting .

c) In case of numbers of candidate elected is less than the quota for that year then the balance will be transferred and added to the next years quota .

vii) The result of the Ballot shall be intimated to the candidates by the Honorary Secretary within 15 days of declaration and shall be put on the Club notice-board within 3 days .

viii) Disposal of Ballot Papers

The ballot papers and other records concerning ballot, except the result sheets, shall be deposited in the sealed boxes and shall remain so for 30 days and thereafter shall be destroyed in presence of the Managing Committee and Election officers .

(7) NIL


(i) A candidate who does not obtain the qualifying votes, shall stand disqualified and shall not be eligible to apply again either in his/her own name or in the name of the spouse in any category for a period of 12 months from the date of disqualification of his/her application. Two disqualification by the Managing Committee for temporary membership or two disqualification in a ballot will permanently disqualify a person and his/her spouse to become member of the Club .

(ii) In case of disqualification, the Honorary Secretary will intimate the applicant and the entrance money paid by the candidate will be refunded to him after deducting the Club dues, if any . No interest will be paid on the entrance money of the applicant .

(9) NIL



For all Ordinary Members (Male & Female) Rs. 300/- per month

For Company Members Rs. 750/- per month

For Visiting Members Rs. 750/- per month

For Temporary Members Rs. 750/- per month

The following shall be the fee payable by the members -

No Gymkhana fee be charged to Ordinary, Company, Temporary and Visiting members. However, Gymkhana fee will be charged, as decided by the Managing Committee from time to time, to Life, Spl.Life, NRI and Foreign National members subject to a maximum of Rs.150/- per month and to family members maximum upto Rs.75/- per month, if they use Gymkhana activities.


10(a) Ordinary: Fees of Rs. 2,50,000/- For Ordinary Permanent Membership.

(b) Government & Defence

Class 1 Gazetted Officers of State & Central Government and Commissioned Officers of Defence Services of the rank equivalent to Class I Gazzetted Officers of the Government, in service or settled in Indore after retirement, will be enrolled as permanent ordinary member on payment of entrance fee applicable for ordinary permanent membership at the time of application subject to clearance of enrolment procedure as applicable to ordinary membership .

(c) Sports

Sports persons (ladies & gentlemen), who are residents of Indore and who have represented the State of Madhya Pradesh in National Sports or represented the country in International Sports may be enrolled as permanent member by the same procedure as applicable to ordinary membership on payment of 50% of the Ordinary Member’s Entrance fee. Preference will be given to only category of sports available in the Club at that time.

Application from Sports promoters, Sports Umpires, Sports Referees, Sports Commentators, Sports Organizers, Sports Journalists, Sports Analysts, Sports Statisticians, Sports Sponsorers, Sports Managers or Coach can not be entertained under this category .

(d) Members Children

Sons or unmarried daughters of permanent members of the Club (except Company, Honorary & Visiting members) shall be given ordinary permanent membership by the Managing Committee on application and after proper scrutiny along with the applicable entrance fees, provided the applicant has attained the age of 18 years and has not completed 25 years of age on the date of application.

In case of legal adopted children, only those children whose legal adoption period is for a minimum 9 years at the time of application. The entrance fee payable shall be as below :

(i) First Applicant Rs. 20,000/-

(ii) Second Applicant Rs. 30,000/-

(iii) Third and above Rs. 50,000/-

In case of married daughters below the age of 25 years, the membership will be given by the same procedure, but the entrance fee of Rs.50,000/- shall be charged.

In case of death of members son/daughter already enrolled as ordinary member under this category, the next eligible son / daughter would, for enrolment, be treated as the last enrolled member of the family under this category.

The right to vote shall be given to only those members who have been enrolled on or before 31st March of the year preceding the Election.


(e) Reinstatement

Reinstatement fee shall be charged Rs.50,000/-, if the member had left the membership in good standing.

(f) Gymkhana

Gymkhana fee will be chargeable to members, guest & children , as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time provided that the Gymkhana fee for any game or sport shall not be increased by more than 25% in a year without the previous approval of the General Body .

(g) Social Contribution

Each member shall contribute Rs. 100/- per year and the same shall be debited to his/her account . The amount thus collected may partly be donated on the Club Annual Day to some needy person or Institution such as Red Cross Society, Mother Terasa's Home for disabled and destitutes , budding sports person or the Spastic Society of India etc. The balance may be accumulated every year for the victims of national calamities such as Earthquake, Flood etc.


10(h) An entertainment fee of Rs. 200/- in two instalments of Rs.100/- each in January & Julyshall be payable by all members other than Family Members, Honourable Sr. Members and Honorary Members. Additional fee for extra amenities or entertainment programmes may also be charged to the members availing thereof as may be fixed by the Managing Committee. Additional fee for extra amenities or entertainment programmes may also be charged to the members availing thereof as may be fixed by the Managing Committee.

10 (i) Statutory and other levies as and when applicable would be charged extra

10 (j) Computer generated statement/s would not require signatures of authorised person.

(11) Monthly subscription shall be payable in advance.

12 & 13


(14) Upon any question that may arise as to the nature of amount of subscription or payment .said to be due from any member under the rule, the decision of the Managing Committee shall be final .


If any member’s dues exceed sum equivalent to the ordinary member’s prevailing subscription for six months at any given timehe/she may be served with a Registered A.D. / Courier notice, after 15 days of dispatch of bill, to clear his/her total dues till the date of payment within a further period of 15 days . He/she must report his/her objections, if any, within 7 days of the dispatch of the notice and get the bill corrected, if required.

After the expiry of the notice period , the member will be liable to have his/her name posted on the Club notice-board as defaulter and a surcharge of 10% on the existing dues will be levied. Charges, as decided by Managing Committee, for notice issued under the rule shall be debited to the account of the member concerned and the same shall also be recovered as Club dues . The dues of temporary members shall not exceed three months subscription at any point of time. No notice would be sent to temporary members. In the event of dues of temporary members exceeding the limit, their temporary membership could be terminated by the Managing Committee.

The maximum limit of the club dues for permanent members would be Rs. 5000/- after which the members signing authority, in all respects, would stand withdrawn till the dues are fully cleared.

Non-receipt of bills by members would not be Club’s responsibility.


If the entire Club dues are not cleared within the time specified under rule 15, the name of the defaulter shall be posted on the Club notice-board by the Honorary Secretary and if within a further period of 7 days the amount is not fully paid , the Managing Committee shall strike off his/her name from the list of members and there upon , he/she shall cease to be a member. After striking off the name from the list a Registered A.D. letter will be sent to the member informing him about his termination with reinstatement and re-admission procedure along with dates, at the last known address of member as per Club records.


A member who is notified as defaulter under rule 16 alongwith the spouse & family members, shall not be entitled, during his period of default , to the use of Club , or any supplies or any privileges of membership .


In all cases , where it is necessary to give notice to members under any rule, it shall be sufficient that such notice be sent or posted to the last known address of the member and non-receipt of the notice by member would not restrain further action/s


The Membership of the Club shall terminate in any of the following ways :

(i) By voluntary resignation through a letter addressed to the Honorary Secretary

(ii) By being adjudicated an insolvent.

(iii) By being dismissed from public service.

(iv) By being found guilty by a competent tribunal, of an offence involving gross misconduct or moral


(v) By the removal of name from the list of member under rule 16.

(vi) By expulsion under rule 22.

(vii) Upon death, and

(viii) If a member's name has already been put on the Club notice-board as a defaulter twice, on the third default occurring during any two consecutive Club financial years, the member will ipso facto cease to be a member.


  • If the membership ceases under clause (i) of the aforesaid rule 19 i.e., in good standing, the member shall be eligible for re-admission as a member upon making a fresh application in the prescribed form and paying of Rs.50,000/-.
  • Further any such member, desirous to continue his seniority of earlier membership shall pay subscription and all other charges of the lapsed period at the present rate along-with Rs.50,000/- . This facility would not be available to Company members.
  • In case membership ceases under clause (v) of the aforesaid rule 19, the Managing Committee may however, on the written reinstatement request of the member, within a period of 3 months, reinstate such defaulter member on satisfactory grounds being shown for non-payment, on full clearance of the dues till the date of reinstatement along with a payment of Rs.5000/- as penalty, without the levy of entrance fee. Further the defaulting member can apply, within a period of one year, for re-admission upon making a fresh application in the prescribed form after the lapse of the reinstatement time limit of 3 months, and shall pay sum equivalent to Rs.15000/- along with all other pending dues and thereafter be treated as member on approval of the Managing Committee.
  • Members ceasing membership under clause (ii), (iii), (iv), (vi), (viii) of the Rule 19 shall on no account be reinstated or re-admitted and would not be permitted to utilise Club facilities in any capacity.


Members, on re-admission under 19(i) & (v) shall fill up a fresh application form and pay re-admission fee equal to prevailing entrance fee chargeable to an Ordinary member.


In the event of the conduct of any member being, in the opinion of the Managing Committee, injurious to the reputation and interest of the Club , or in the event of any circumstance occurring which is likely to disturb the order or harmony of the Club, such conduct or circumstance shall be taken into immediate cognizance by the Managing Committee and after making necessary inquires and affording an opportunity to the Member concerned of being heard , if in the opinion of the Managing Committee the conduct of the Member calls for his suspension , the Managing Committee shall suspend the member from membership , for a period not exceeding 120 days, and may place the matter before the General Body, by calling an Extra ordinary General Meeting for member’s expulsion. The concerned member can explain his conduct to the General Body but shall have no right to vote . The decision of the General Body arrived at by simple majority will be final .


Any member wishing to withdraw from the membership of the Club ,must give notice there of in writing to the Honorary Secretary two days before the end of the month and must pay all subscription and money due from him to the Club at the time of his withdrawal .


The financial year of the club shall be from 1st of April to 31st March .


The club shall each year hold a General Meeting as its Annual General Meeting in addition to any other meeting in that year. All General Meetings other than Annual General Meetings shall be called Extra Ordinary General Meetings. The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be held within three months of the financial year ending i.e. before 30th June, every year.


(26) Annual General Meeting :

a) To confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

b) To receive and adopt the Managing Committee’s Annual Report

c) To receive, adopt and pass the auditor’s report and audited accounts for the previous year.

d) To pass the budget for the year.

e) To receive a statement of income and expenditure for the first two months of the year.

f) To appoint auditors and to fix their remuneration.

g) To decide the number of new members to be enrolled (category wise).

h) To transact any other business duly brought forward

i) To elect office bearers and members of the Managing Committee (alternate years).

(27) Extra Ordinary General Meeting

  • The Managing Committee may call an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the club whenever it thinks fit. It shall also call an Extra Ordinary General Meeting on a requisition ,made in writing by 80 members entitled to vote on the day of deposit of requisition to the Honorary Secretary . The requisition so made must state the object or objects of the meeting proposed to be called and must be signed by the requisitionists. Such requisitioned meeting shall be called within 15 days of the receipt of the requisition through a notice in leading daily news paper of the city atleast 7 days prior to the meeting date. However, the requisition must be signed with the name and membership number of the member. The subject or subjects for which the meeting is proposed to be called shall be specified and the discussion shall be confined to the subject only. If the Managing Committee so desires, it may add their agenda also along with the requisition meeting agenda.
  • The new Managing Committee elected under rule 26(i), may revise the budget for the current year, if deemed necessary, and the revised budget shall be placed for approval before an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the General Body to be held within90 days of the election of the Managing Committee.


Every notice of the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting or Extra Ordinary General Meeting shall be posted on the Club notice-board, 21 days before the Meeting and shall be signed by the Honorary Secretary or by such other officer as the Managing Committee may decide .


a) One hundred members present in person shall form a quorum for a General Meeting.

b) In case of requisition meeting, the quorum shall not be completed unless 60 requisitionist’s are present at the Meeting . The requisition meeting shall stand dissolved in case of absence of 60 requisitionist’s. In that case, the cost of calling the Meeting shall be debited to the requisitionist’s account.

c) However, if the Managing Committee has also added their agenda to the requisition meeting agenda, the meeting shall be called in order if rule 29(a) is satisfied. In such a case the penalty will even then be levied on requisitionists as per rule 29(b) .


No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless the quorum requisite shall be present at the commencement of the business .


If at the time fixed for holding a General Meeting (Annual or Extra Ordinary ) there is no quorum, the Meeting, if convened upon requisition shall be dissolved but in any other case, it shall stand adjourned to be re-convened after 15 minutes and such meeting shall function with whatever number of members present and shall dispose-off the works fixed for the Meeting. No quorum would be required for an adjourned meeting.


The President shall preside at every General Meeting whether Annual or Extra Ordinary .In his absence the members present shall elect a chairman of that meeting .


The President or the Chairman, as the case may be , with the consent of the members present, may adjourn any meeting from one time to another in case of unfinished business, but no additional business shall be transacted at such adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished.


At any General Meeting a resolution or any other question put to vote shall be decided by a majority of votes on a show of hands. The President or the Chairman, as the case may be, shall also have a casting vote.


Votes at the General Meeting shall be cast personally. No member shall be entitled to be present or to vote or be reckoned in the quorum if his/her dues to that date are exceeding Rs.1000/-


Any alteration, addition, modification or amendment in the rules shall be made by the General Body in its meeting specially called for the purpose with two third majority of the members present .


Any proposition affecting a rule or rules shall be proposed by one member, and seconded by another and shall besent to Hon. Secretary at least 10 days in advance to beposted on the Club Notice Board by him seven days prior to the Meeting. Amendments to same, if any, may be proposed at the Meeting.


No resolution shall be brought before the General Meeting unless the Honorary Secretary has been given a copy of the proposal or resolution, together with the names of the proposer and seconder at least10 days prior to the Meeting.


The management of the Club shall be vested in a Managing Committee consisting of 9 members (permanent) as under:

1) One Chairman

2) One Honorary Secretary

3) One Honorary Jt. Secretary

4) One Honorary Treasurer

5) Five Members of the Committee

The Honorary Secretary shall also be the ex-officio Secretary of the Managing Committee .


Eligibility for permanent members seeking election for Managing Committee shall be as under :

(i) Eligibility for Membership of Managing Committee will be minimum of 7 years other than Office bearers. For Office bearers minimum 10 years Club standing plus having been member of the Managing Committee atleast once. This will however, not apply to the office of the Chairman but the minimum Club standing clause of 10 years will be applicable.

(ii) No member will be eligible to contest for more than one post/position /category in the Managing Committee.


All members of the Managing Committee including office bearers, shall be elected by ballot for a period of one term of two years at the Annual General Meeting and the nomination shall be received in accordance with the bye -laws framed under the rules .Vote of any member voting for more or less than the quota fixed for each category will be invalid for only that category .


The Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Jt.Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and the members of the Managing Committee shall be eligible for re-election provided they do not hold any office for more than 2 consecutive terms of 2 years each.


Five members of the Managing Committee shall form the quorum for the meeting of the Managing Committee


All matters in the Managing Committee meetings shall be decided by a majority of votes. The Chairman of the Managing Committee shall have a vote & also a casting vote in the event of equality of votes.


i) Any vacancy occurring in the Managing Committee during the course of the year may be filled by the Managing Committee for the period of such vacancy by co-option.

ii) If any member of the Managing Committee is absent with out any intimation for three consecutive meetings of the Committee of which he has been given due notice, he shall cease to be a member of the Committee .


The Managing Committee shall meet atleast once in every two calendar months.


In the absence of the Chairman ,the Managing Committee shall elect from amongst its members, Chairman for the meeting .



The Managing Committee shall cause minutes to be kept of all the proceedings of the General Meetings of the Club, which shall contain a fair and correct summery of the proceedings and a minute-book shall be kept at the Office of the Club and shall be available for inspection by any member. The minutes of the Extra Ordinary General Meeting shall be placed for approval before the next Annual General Meeting or the next Extra Ordinary General Meeting which ever is held earlier .


The Managing Committee shall also cause minutes of it’s Meeting to be duly entered in a book maintained for that purpose .Any ordinary or life member may inspect the Minutes book ,at such time and place as the Honorary Secretary may appoint provided that the member interested gives atleast two days notice in writing for such inspection .


The management and control of the Club shall be vested in the Managing Committee who shall be the governing body of the Club and who shall exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as assigned to it by the rules and bye-laws of the Club in force for the time being and such as may as be delegated to it by the General Body from time to time.

(51)Without prejudice to the General powers conferred by or implied in the last preceding rule the Managing Committee shall exercise and perform the following powers and duties

a) To fix the strength of officers and staff and their remuneration, wages and other conditions of service from time to time.

b) To appoint and take disciplinary action against or terminate or dismiss the officers and other members of the staff.

c) To revise the order of the Honorary Secretary or Honorary Jt. Secretary when deemed necessary by not less than two - third majority.

d) From time to time to make, alter or repeat the bye-laws not inconsistent with provisions of the rules, as it may deem expedient or convenient for the proper conduct, management and control of the Club. Such bye-laws shall come into operation at such time as may be determined by the Managing Committee but shall be placed before the General Body at the next Annual General Meeting for information .

e) To prohibit particular games on the Club premises entirely or at any particular time and regulate the rules to be observed, and stakes to be played for, by the members or guest playing in the Club premises.

f) To strike off the name of any member under rule 16 and to suspend, if in its opinion, the conduct of any member is injurious to the reputation and interest of the Club, or in the event of any circumstance which is likely to disturb the order of harmony of the Club.

g) To determine the scale of charges for supplies made to the members of the Club.

h) To write off in the accounts of the club , such sums ,as it may deem expedient , in respect of bad and doubtful debts but not exceeding Rs.2000/- in the aggregate .

i) To regulate the enrolment of the members within the time limit fixed under the rules.

j) To appoint sub-committees for the activities of the Club and delegate to them such powers as may be deemed expedient.

k) To purchase or otherwise acquire for the Club, any property or privileges which the Club is authorised to acquire, at such price and on such terms and conditions, as it deems fit.

l) To dispose of unserviceable articles or other belongings of the Club.

m) To allow or refuse the use of any portion of the Club building and its premises to any member or members of the Club for their own use or to an institute or organisation of standing or repute for social gatherings or social function or entertainments on such charges as it may be determine from time to time, provided that except the Badminton Hall and the Lawns (between building and the Tennis Courts) no other portion of Club building shall be allowed for any such use after 5 p.m.

n) To determine, increase, reduce, alter modify or vary the Gymkhana fee and guest fee from time to time, provided the gymkhana fee for any game or sport shall not be increases by more than 25 percent in a year without the previous approval of the General Body.

o) To conduct or start any new activity for the betterment of the Club.

p) To grant licence for the running of the Club canteen and bar on such terms and conditions as it deems fit .

q) To appoint an election committee for the election of the members and office bearers of the Managing Committee and to frame rules and regulations for that purpose .

r) Subject to the sanction of the General Body , to raise or borrow or secure the payment of any sum or sums of money for the Club .

s) At any time or from time to time take legal proceedings for recovery of moneys due to the club and to appoint and engage Counsel or Attorneys for the purpose and to delegate powers in this behalf.

t) To prepare the statement of accounts of the past year and the annual budget for the succeeding year for submission to the General Body .

u) To invest and deal with any moneys of the Club not immediately required for the purpose there of in such manner as it may deem fit from time to time .

v) To collect donations from the public and members for the betterment of the Club and its activities and to spend the same for the purpose for which they are specifically collected.

w) To enforce the rules and bye-laws of the Club .

x) To control the finance of the Club within the limit of the budget passed by the General Body. The Managing Committee may spend upto 5% extra on each head if it deems fit and proper for Club activities .

y) To appoint internal auditor and to have continuous audit and obtain audit report every 4 months and place the Audit report on the Club notice-board for the information of members. The periodic audits to be done for period ending 31st July, 30th November & 31st March every year.

If amount spent is in excess of 5% without the prior approval of the General Body , the matter will be placed before the next Annual General Body Meeting, which can censor or debar all the committee members for the period of three years from contesting/standing in any election .

The Managing Committee Members will be responsible for the over expenditure in equal proportion. The excess amount shall be paid by the Members of the Committee to the Club, within 30 days of the General Body Meeting , failing to do so the Members of the Managing Committee will be disqualified from the membership of the club .



i) To see that the decisions of General Body and Managing Committee are implemented and that there is no breach of the rules and regulation of the Club .

ii) To submit any matter considered necessary or desirable to the Managing Committee .

Honorary Secretary

a) To control and supervise all the affairs of the Club including correspondence .

b) To have control over the Club staff .

c) To keep minutes of all meetings of the Managing Committee and of the General Body Meeting in the books specially kept for the purpose .

d) To appoint convenors of sub committees subject to the previous approval of the Managing Committee and to co-ordinate their activities .

e) To grant leave under the rules to all employees of the club and to appoint, terminate or dismiss ( with the sanctioned strength subject to prior clearance of the Managing Committee ), any member of the staff whose total emoluments or maximum of the scale does not exceed Rs.2000/- p.m. and who is not of clerical cadre and impose on him fine up to a maximum of Rs.500/- at a time .

f) To regulate the running of various games according to seasons .

g) To sell unserviceable stock up to a value of Rs.10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) at a time.

h) (i) To make purchase of any commodity or material within the sanctioned budget up to a value of Rs.1500/- at a time provided the total of such expenditure does not exceed Rs.15,000/- per month. All such purchases shall be made after obtaining two or more quotations from the concerned dealers. Quotations once obtained may be deemed to be valid for a period of 2 months .

(ii) To get any work executed within the sanctioned budget costing not more than Rs.2500/- at a time through a contractor or departmentally provided the expenditure on such works does not exceed Rs.10000/- per year.

i) (i) Purchases and execution of works exceeding the limits provided under clause (h) shall be under taken only with the previous approval of a committee consisting of -

a) Honorary Secretary (convenor)

b) Honorary Jt. Secretary

c) Honorary treasurer.

The Managing Committee may add or reduce or substitute any member in this committee, if considered necessary, provided that purchases and works exceeding Rs. 15,000/- will require the previous approval of the Managing Committee.

(ii) While making any purchases or undertaking any work the opinion of the concerned sub-committee ,if any, may be obtained and its recommendation shall be fully kept in view .

(iii) The procedure for obtaining quotation as provided in clause (h) above shall also be followed before orders are placed or works executed .

j) To assign function and duties of the Club staff in consultation with the Chairman and the Convenor of the sub- committee concerned .

k) To keep the Chairman informed of important events and developments in the Club .

l) Administrative Powers of the Honorary

The Honorary Secretary is empowered to suspend a member from using the facilities of the Club in case of misbehavior, misconduct and on any unforeseen situation upto 7 days. While taking such decision either the Chairman or one Office Bearer or one Managing Committee member should be present. Honorary Secretary should then call an emergent meeting of the Managing Committee within 7 days and should put the matter for it’s consideration .

The Hon.Secretary is also empowered to deal with legal & society matters on behalf of the Club in consultation with office bearers and keep the Managing Committee informed of the same.

Honorary Jt. Secretary

The Honorary Jt. Secretary shall undertake such duties as may be assigned to him by the Managing Committee and shall generally assist the Honorary Secretary in the discharge of his duties . In the absence of the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Jt. Secretary shall assume the power of the Honorary Secretary . When Honorary Secretary is absent for less than 15 days the Chairman may assign the duties of the Honorary Secretary to the Honorary Jt. Secretary but he shall not in this case, exercise the powers under clauses (i) 'e'

Honorary Treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer shall cause to maintain regular books of accounts of the Club as well as an inventory of the moveable and immovable properties belonging to it.

He shall also cause true and proper account to be kept of all sums of moneys received and spent by the Club. He shall report to the Managing Committee from time to time the state of finance of the Club and shall get the accounts audited at the close of the financial year, or whenever during the year heor the Managing Committee finds it necessary to do so. He shall also prepare the annual statement of accounts for audit and present the audited annual accounts with Auditors report at the Annual General Meeting.

He will also get proper register maintained of all the articles and materials purchased and issued and of all works undertaken. He will also see that the funds of the Club are deposited under proper heads of accounts in banks according to the provisions of the rules and report any irregularity to the Managing Committee.


The Managing Committee shall lay before the Annual General Meeting, audited accounts and balance sheet containing a summery of assets and liabilities of the Club . Every such balance sheet shall be accompanied by a report of the Managing Committee as to the state of affairs of the Club and these together with the report and balance sheet shall be signed by the auditors and the Honorary Treasurer. Copies of such accounts, balance sheet and report shall be kept in Club office atleast 15 days before the day fixed for the Annual General Meeting for the inspection of the members and a notice to that effect shall be put on the Club notice-board. The Managing Committee shall send the annual accounts to the members by post at their last known address .


The Annual accounts shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant to be appointed by the General Body at the Annual General Meeting each year . If vacancy occurs during the course of year , the Managing Committee shall appoint another auditor for the year till the next Annual General Meeting. The auditors shall continue to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting .


The funds of the Club, exclusive of the imprest money not exceeding Rs.1,00,000/-, can be kept in any scheduled commercial bank or foreign bank which is approved by the Reserve Bank of India to be determined by the Managing Committee & all bank accounts shall be jointly operated by Hon. Treasurer plus either the Chairman or the Hon. Secretary. However in case of leave absence of the Treasurer bank account for that period shall be operated by the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary.


  • A Member may bring with him upto six guests at a time on week days and upto four guest on Saturday /Sunday for participating in Gymkhana activities. For catering, there will be no restriction about the number of guests, but, if any reservation is desired the member shall contact the Honorary Secretary .
  • The same guest shall not be entertained for more than 7 days in a month .
  • Guest must be recorded by the member introducing them, prior to admission, at the Club’s Reception Counter . Member failing to do so shall be charged Rs.50/- per guest as penalty over and above the normal guest fee payable by him/her .
  • If a member is found introducing a guest without recording for the second time his/her name shall be reported to the Managing Committee and he/she may be suspended for a period extending up to a week for each such default .


The Managing Committee may, on the proposal of the member in writing, invite any person of distinction visiting Indore to become a visitor of the Club . Such a person shall enjoy the rights of a temporary member , but shall pay no monthly subscription . The name of every such visitor shall be entered in the visitors book by the member introducing the visitor. The Managing Committee may on its own initiative also invite any person visiting Indore to become a visitor of the club. The privilege shall be strictly confined to persons visiting Indore and shall on no account be extended to person/s residing at Indore .


a) The Gymkhana activities of the Club shall be open to the spouse and family members as defined under rule 2(b) in accordance with the Bye-Laws framed for the purpose


b) Children of members below the age of 14 but not less than 10 years may be allowed to participate in Table Tennis and Badminton in accordance with the bye laws framed in this behalf

(c) Member's children below the age of 16 years will not be allowed to play Tambola, and those below the age of 14 years will not be allowed to use Club facilities after 7 pm., except on special occasions when the Managing Committee can specifically permit Club usage.


The Managing Committee may grant to any member or members of the Club or to an Institute or Organisation of standing and repute, permission to use the Club for entertainment , social gatherings and functions on such charges for use as may be fixed from time to time, provided that the main building excepting Badminton Hall and the Lawns (between The Building & Tennis Courts) shall not be allowed for such use after 5 pm.


The Managing Committee shall have powers to enter into reciprocal arrangements with other Club/s on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit.


The Managing Committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and the bye-laws made thereunder, and the decision of the Managing Committee upon any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Club, and not provided for by these rules , or the bye-laws made thereunder shall be final and binding on the members .


All complaints and suggestions shall be made in writing, either in the complaint and suggestion book which shall be kept available for the purpose or by a separate letter addressed to the Honorary Secretary . The Honorary Secretary shall without delay attend to the subject of the complaint and shall dispose it off finally if it is within his competence. In other case he shall place them before the Managing Committee whose decision shall be final.


The conduct of servants shall in no case be made a matter of personal reprimand by any member. All complaints relating to Club servants shall be made to the Honorary Secretary in writing and he shall, if necessary , submit them to the Managing Committee for disposal at it’s meeting. The decision of the Managing Committee shall be final .


Upon dissolution of the Society, if after satisfying all debts and liabilities of the Society, any property whatsoever remains, the same shall not be disbursed among the members of the Society or any of them, but shall be transferred to some other Society to be determined by not less than 3/5th of members present personally or the dissolution will be effective in the manner provided by the M.P. Societies Registration Act.1959. No.1 of 1960.


Every year Club will send the information of General Body Meeting under section 27 & Audited Accounts under Section 28 of the act to the Registrar.

All the rules of the act will be applicable to the Society.

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