Indore, which is the commercial hub of Central India, is embossed with the legacy of Holkars. One of the prominent legacies, catering to the gregarious needs of the city is Yeshwant Club. It came into existence in 1934 at the behest of late His Highness Tukoji Rao Holkar. The Club was established out of natural love and affection for his beloved son, Yuvraj Yeshwant Rao. Perched in the heart of the growing township, it spreads over an expanse of 14 Acres and is one of the living signatures of the Holkar Era. HH Maharani Usha Devi is the Chief Patron of the Club. The Hon.Chief Minister being the President of the Club. Maharaj

The Yeshwant Club with a legacy of 74 years and a clan of 3500 members is "The Life Style" destination of Central India. The Club offers a unique blend of culture, sports and entertainment, which makes it one of the best-managed Clubs in the country. It serves as a delectable and edifying shelter for people looking for a bit of relief after a day of ruthless competition and scramble.

Col. C K Naidu, Hira Lal Gaekwad, C S Naidu and C T Sarawate,Capt. Mushtaq Ali and many other donned the Holkar XI cap while playing at the Club's Cricket field and before making their mark in International Cricket.

Many other sportsman from various disciplines have got lot of glory to Yeshwant Club and Central India playing at the Yeshwant Club.

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