Since it first opened its doors in 1934, Yeshwant Club has become a staple of club life, offering a rich mélange of class, culture and quality. Elevated lifestyle activities and opportunities are abundantly available to the truly deserving. The perfect place to unwind after a hard day’s work, members are spoilt for choice what with a gamut of sporting options, entertainment activities and social events magnanimously offered and organized by the club.


Ø Restaurant

“All Rounder”, the club restaurant offers a variety of delectable dishes of several International cuisines, ranging from Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and Indian.

Ø Bar

The club has a well equipped bar which leads into a separate zone for smokers. An extended informal but pleasant arrangement on a small terrace sit-out overlooks the swimming pool.

Perfect setting for a starry moon-lit night!


Ø Badminton

Three courts with wooden flooring, housed in a 10,000 sq. ft. stand alone complex are a regular venue for national and international tournaments. The elaborate stadium-like seating capacity when packed with cheering enthusiasts, takes the game to the next level.

Ø Table Tennis

The club set up one of the first air conditioned Table Tennis halls in India. With four tables lined up, the club invites state and national level players for regular championships held at the premises.

Ø Billiards/Snooker

Billiards has been a popular sport at YC. Asian Billiards and under 21 Snooker championships have been hosted under the auspices of the club, with an impressive participation of close to 20 Asian countries.

Ø Squash

The club has three glass-walled wooden squash courts, regularly frequented by members. Every year the club hosts national championships, inviting the best talent to battle it out with in the glass walls.

Ø Tennis

The synthetic surface tennis courts are a regular venue for satellite ranking tournaments. Two of the four courts are floodlit. Besides the annual national and international championships, these courts are much sought after by young and budding players. Clash of the Titans like Jaideep Mukherjee, Ramnath and Ramesh Krishnan has enthralled lovers of the sport in the past.

Ø Cricket

With four turf wickets and an English country backdrop, the sprawling cricket ground bears testimony to a rich past. The topmost cricket outfit considered as the LORDS of Central India during the Holkar era, Cricketing legends like Col. C.K.Naidu and Capt. Mushtaq Ali played on these grounds for the Holkar XI. Besides hosting regular inter-club matches, it is a training terrain where every budding cricketer wishes to hone his skills. International stars Narendra Hirwani and Amay Khurasia are members of the Club and regularly coach budding cricketers.

Ø Jogging/Athletics

A 200 mts. floodlit jogging track brimming with copious greens and interspersed with perennial                                                                                                                                                                                                                     flowering bushes impregnate mind and spirit of walkers and joggers with colour, beauty and fragrance.

Ø Golf

At the Golf putting area, club members can try a hand at this sport to check out if it’s their ball game before moving on to a full fledged golf course.

Ø Swimming/Health centre

The club has two pools with one being half Olympic sized pool, where competitions in various events are also held. Separate health centres for men and women with Jacuzzi, steam and sauna complete the experience. The facilities extend to Yoga, Aerobics and acupressure therapy rooms.

Ø Gymnasium

Recent years have seen the demographics of gym-goers burgeon. The club responds to the health quest with a well-equipped state-of-the-art air conditioned gym to provide members the inspiration and encouragement to become fit and fab.

Ø Bridge and Cards

A grandiose sophistication marks the a/c card and bridge rooms. This sport was a particular favourite of Lt. HH Yeshwant Rao Holkar, himself an excellent player. Every year the club hosts the ‘Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar National Bridge Championship’ in fond memory of The Maharaja.


The social calendar is abuzz with a variety of interesting activities lined up throughout the year. Celebrities from the field of art and entertainment have performed live for members viz. Daler Mahendi, Baba Sehgal, Jagjit Singh, Manna Dey, Pankaj Udhas, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Babul Supriyo, Sunidhi Chouhan to name a few. Various dignitaries and renowned public figures are seen gracing an occasion or just ‘dropping by’ to relive and revive old memories.

In-house events are also regularly organized by the club. Every year members get together for Flag hoisting and cultural program on Independence and Republic day. Sunday evenings are set aside for Tambola. Kavi sammelan on Holi, Christmas Ball with dinner, dance and DJ, and New Year celebrations mark the festive occasions. Lohri, Diwali, Dussehra are celebrated with equal zest and enthusiasm what with cracker shows, ‘Rawan dahan’, horse and ‘baggi’ rides and numerous fun activities for children and adults alike. The annual hiking and trekking expeditions particularly gratify the spirited, adventure-seeking aficionados.

The Club ensures an amalgamation of activities and events, which, while they produce enough razzmatazz, have an imprint of elegance and leave a trace in memories and on the sands of time.

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